Identity Creation

We create Responsive Sites, Mobile Applications (iOS and Android), Portals, Web Systems and standardize your company’s image on the internet through positioning strategies that combine creativity, design and technology.

We develop solutions for the presentation of your products and quick hypothesis testing.

What's the purpose of having a website?

1. Express the philosophy of your brand.

2. They convey the essence and benefits of your proposal.

3. Encourage the audience to love your brand and make a purchase.

Our approach to creating a wesbite

Research and analytics

So that the site is not just a beautiful toy, but becomes an effective tool for sales and brand promotion, get acquainted with your business, study the target audience and its needs. We find a way to achieve the result: is it necessary to go through all stages of development from prototyping to implementation in code, or can the problem be solved using the site builder.

Prototype creation

We visualize the data to determine how the site will solve your business problems. If necessary, create an interactive prototype in which the basic scenarios of your audience’s behavior are worked out.


We find graphic solutions so that the audience perceives the site correctly. We select the color scheme, fonts, layout. We do not use templates – the site design will be unique. We do this work in conjunction with programmers, so that creative ideas are implemented in code.

Content Preparation

We prepare a description of your company and provide arguments why the consumer should contact you. We formulate all this in a text in the language of your audience, create the desired mood with the help of copyright illustrations.

Transfer to development

We transfer all the graphics to the development team while maintaining the folder structure. We attach to it a capacious and understandable specification. This saves programmers time and eliminates errors.

Author’s supervision

Designers constantly monitor the progress of the development phase, actively advise programmers. This is necessary so that the final product exactly matches what was created at the design and construction stages.

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