Featured Image- 15+ Best Age Progression Apps For Android, iOS And Web

15+ Best Age Progression Apps For Android, iOS And Web

A good reason why we love the advancement in technology can be the revolutionary things it brings in our lives. From drones taking our beautiful pictures from the skies to the wireless earbuds, we are fortunate to enjoy these futuristic kinds of stuff in this age. While there are many good examples of advancement in technology, we are going to talk about this particular thing which got a lot of attention from people; it’s the age progression apps and tools which are available online.

As the name implies, age progression tools and apps let people see their old selves. The method is simple, you upload your selfie, apply the old filter and it shows you how you will look when you are old. One of the main reasons why these apps went viral over-night is because of the fact that the filtered images look so real that you can’t even doubt. So, today we are going to talk about the multiple age progression tools which are available on the Internet for free. Be sure to check the full article as this is not just for Android users.


Best Age Progression Apps For Android

Firstly, let’s talk about the free age progression apps on Android. I’ve made sure that these apps are still available and can be used without having any issue. The list is pretty simple, the best is on the top.


FaceApp Age Progression App For Android


FaceApp is where this aging filter story started. I remember every person I know was uploading their old age photo on social media. This app got so famous that millions of people downloaded it just to see their old selves. Because of its popularity, the developers of FaceApp added many more features like old to young filter, gender change filter, change background filter, add beard filter and many more. This is by far the best age progression app which is available on Android.

Though there was some controversy that happened related to this app about the data it is storing. People were concerned about the privacy of their images, as according to FaceApp policies they can store, use the data the way they want. Later they gave the statement stating that the data is never stored permanently. But who knows?


AgingBooth Aging Filter App For Android


Aging Booth is yet another age progression Android app. The use case of AgingBooth is pretty straightforward, use it to make yourself older or younger. There are no other features available in this app other than the aging filter. Just pick a photo from your gallery or take an instant click from the camera to see the magic of this app. Also, this app can work without the Internet connection in case you are concerned about your privacy.

A bit of warning for users who are going to download for the first time, a lot of people has disliked this app because it failed to meet their expectation. While this is a free app with limited features, it can give good results in some cases if not all. Try to check with multiple photos and still if you don’t like it then try the other apps I’ve listed here.


Face Changer Old Face And Gender Change Filter App for Android

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor

Face Changer Photo Gender Editor app for android lets you apply an old and young filter like the age progression apps but it also gives you some more features like the smile filter. Other filters include adding various facial features like eyes, ears, glasses, hair-style, etc, adding emotions to photos, adding hair or making images fat or skinny face, etc.

Again, another app that didn’t receive that much appreciation from people. It seems like the features this app promise to deliver are not good enough as compared to what they have mentioned in their description. Also, be ready to see a few ads here and there. Anyways, you might like any of their features so there is no harm in trying out a free app.


Make Me Old Age Progression App For Android

Make me Old

Make me Old is another age progression app available in Playstore. I find this app more amusing than realistic. The developers have made it entirely for fun purposes. Just select an image from your gallery or take a photo from your camera and add the filter that you like. You can also select a photo from your Facebook account if you would like. The features include aging filter, funny elements like moustache or beard.

Again, this app is for fun purposes and don’t panic if you don’t get the results you are looking for. Better try other apps I’ve listed here. Though in some cases the results are really good.


Old Face Age Progression App For Android

Old Face

Old Face comes with a single feature of making a person look older. The final result is a black and white version of the photo with an old age filter. While the app is simple and straightforward, you may or may not like it. It just takes a few seconds from selecting your photo from the gallery or taking a pic from the camera to adding the filter in the app.


Old Age Face Effects App With Age Progression Filter

Old Age Face effects App

Another app that looks promising with multitude of features from the old and young filter to various stickers. You can make yourself look younger, older, smile, funny and what not. This app happens to have so many features that you will certainly like it for some reason. Have I mentioned that you can also change the gender of photo with this app?

Unlike other apps, this app has received a lot of positive comments and it’s a good ‘try and have fun’ with age filter app.


Make Me Old Age Progression Android App

Make Me Old

No, this is not the same app that I mentioned before and I don’t have any clue why they picked the same name as them. Make Me Old is another simple app with limited features like age progression filter, look young filter, add beard filter, etc. While this app doesn’t have multiple features, the end results sometimes are good enough. I used sometimes because not all the time it will give out good results. Perhaps, that is the main cause of so many mixed reviews. Check it out and let me know if it is good enough or not.


Face Booth Age Progression App For Android

Face Booth – Old Aging Booth App

Ending the list of age progression android apps list with Face Booth. This app is new compared to the others mentioned above. Instead of filters, they have masks for various needs like the old mask, beard mask, mustache mask, fat mask, bald mask, etc. The end results are somewhat okay if you’re not expecting a lot.


Best Age Progression Apps For iOS

The list is going to be incomplete if I’m not going to include apps for iOS. Though there are not so many free app choices when it comes to iOS but I have managed to find a few for the people using iOS. Be sure to check them all if not paid.


FaceApp Free Age Progression App For iOS


Undoubtedly, FaceApp is the best age progression app available for iOS users. Not all the features are made available in the free version of this app but you can unlock them by subscribing to pro version of the app which is $4.99 a month. The end results of this app are so realistic that you won’t doubt a bit. Again, this app is one of the controversial app because of their terms and policies. If you’re one of the person who is concerned about privacy then please go through their terms and policies first.


Face Story Free Age Progression App for iOS

Face Story: Aging Camera App

The best alternative to FaceApp is Face Story which comes with tons of features that you can apply on your photos. Apart from standard features of aging filter they have added some other cool features like Face Reader and Horoscope. Not always it’s going to predict the right thing but anyways it is just for fun right?

You can subscribe to their pro plan which comes for $2.99 a week or $9.99 a month. Although free users can use limited features but they have set limited trials a day as well.


AgingBooth Free Age Progression App for iOS


Another age progression app which iOS users can use for free. The best part is, there is no pro subscription in this app and it’s entirely free. And it comes from the makers who has developed a lot of similar apps that you can use along with this app. It’s a pretty straightforward app with features like age filter, fat filter, bimbo filter, bald filter, ugly filter, etc.

If privacy a thing for you then try this app as it works without Internet connection. Though results might not be that great.


What Will I Look Like Old Face Free Aging Filter App For iOS

What Will I Look Like Old Face

Although this app looks promising with its results, it won’t let you do much without paying. Be ready to pay some dollars if you want to use this app. Let’s just stick to other options first and if still you want to pay and use this app, be my guest!


Straightaway premium app available for $0.99. Though it’s not a big amount for the features it is providing. You can pick the age according to your need, add funny elements like glasses and hats or record a video and play with the old age filter to create a funny animation. End results could be great as well as terrible depending up on the image you are using.


Old Booth Free Age Progression App For iOS

Old Booth – Age Up Camera

Yet another simple straightforward app with great results. This app is made for just one feature of age progression where you upload a pic, select the filter and enjoy the results. Beware there is no face detection technology or AI here, it simply works with masks and add wrinkles here and there smartly. You can easily give it a try!


Best Age Progression Online Tools

I know people not always want to use apps for every thing they want to do. For people like me who use online tools more than apps in mobile, I’m listing these tools having the same features like those apps. Please do not have expectations here because it’s listed at the end for a reason.


Change My Face Age Progression Online Tool

Change My Face

Change my face is an online tool made by Change My Face company to show a demo of their software. They create age progression apps and software for various companies. The demo is limited where you upload a pic and select the filter of your choice. The only downside, you can not export the image without having a watermark on the face. Weird but what can we do?


The Face Transformer Age Progression Online Tool

The Face Transformer

Old is gold and we all know it. But this gold ain’t gold for everyone. Still I’m listing it here if someone wants to try this one out. It also works simple where you upload an image and simply wait to see the magic. As I mentioned the word old, it’s possible that you can’t see the magic as it only works with Java enabled browser and may ask you to install a plugin first. Seems like the creator of this tool has ran away with his girlfriend.

This is a one of a kind tool which you won’t find even if you’re going to Google the name. I forgot to grab the link of this tool and trust me mate, I spent at least 10 minutes finding this tool again.


Age Faces Age Progression Tool Online

Age Faces

Alright, forget everything and let’s end this article with the best age progression tool you can ever use. Age Faces will give you spooky, terrible and hilarious experience. The end results are sometimes so scary that you will never think of using another age progression app again.


I hope you enjoyed the list of age progression apps and tools online. I’m sure this article will help you find what you are looking for. Occasionally I’m going to update this article with new information, if not then you can leave us new apps or tools you may have used.

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