Difference Between SEO Consultant & SEO Agency

Difference Between SEO Consultant & SEO Agency

Natural referencing is today an essential part of the digital strategy of any company that wants to take advantage of the web to acquire new customers. Every business is looking for the best providers in the field to improve its visibility in search engine results, and thereby attract more visitors.

Within the framework of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), there are two options in terms of providers. The client has the choice between an SEO agency or an SEO consultant . The two options each have their advantages, but also their disadvantages. Wondering how to choose the right SEO agency or which SEO expert to work with? Here are some concrete ideas.

An SEO agency, what is it?

It is a web marketing agency bringing together several SEO experts. It offers support to clients in natural referencing. You can also find other skills such as web development, digital marketing, communication etc. This makes it a service provider that can intervene in several dimensions of a project.

You cannot radically oppose an SEO agency to an  SEO consultant , because it is made up of SEO consultants. And the SEO consultant often comes from a web agency where he learned his skills, before deciding to launch as a freelance SEO.

An SEO consultant, who is he?

He is a professional, specialized in Google SEO. He works for himself and offers his services to companies in sectors as varied as industrial, software creators or online training. He generally works on the same missions as an SEO agency, but he generally has more in-depth knowledge.

The objective is the same: to improve the visibility of the customer on search engines in order to increase the traffic on his site, to acquire more customers, to reinforce credibility …

Choose a specialized agency or a consultant

An SEO agency often has varied skills. Since this is a group of people, the versatility of the team can play a role when it comes to performing SEO related tasks.

The profession of freelance consultant is more specialized. It is necessary to ensure that he has a good general knowledge. The best is to check that he has his own professional network with other consultants specializing in:

  • Google Adwords SEO campaign management
  • Netlinking (setting up backlinks to increase the popularity of a site)
  • Creation of a website …

A price difference?

In general, the costs of investing in a digital agency will be higher than the fees of a freelance SEO consultant. The SEO agency has operating expenses like employee salaries. These fees add to the bill.

The SEO consultant does not face such burdens. His fees will be lower. However, an SEO expert with strong credibility and solid experience can logically request a similar investment.

The size of the project

An SEO project manager can intervene on large-scale projects. In the branch, he has staff, trained in a certain standard of work. Large structures often go to an agency, rather than an independent consultant.

On the other hand, the SEO consultant, working alone, is limited in the size of the work that he can accomplish. It cannot exceed a certain number of clients, at the risk of shoddy work which would inevitably lead to the loss of clients. Again, if you are a large company, make sure your consultant is surrounded by the right partners.

Several interlocutors Vs a single interlocutor

In the case of the agency, you may be dealing with several interlocutors. From the salesperson who receives you at the first contact and who promises you mountains and wonders, through the expert who is responsible for the web project, the customer can find himself in a real blur. On the other hand, your SEO optimization will always be on standby because the team will generally have a web SEO available.

The SEO consultant is, for his part, your only point of contact. He can give you the details on the evolution of your project and he is the one who has a perfect control of the actions carried out. He can also oversee your project as a whole if you like working with a single contact.

Automation Vs Flexibility

A communication agency is a well-established structure, with a certain organization to follow to satisfy all the clients. It can become very automatic and rigid, although this is a guarantee of a well-planned job.

While an SEO consultant can have more flexibility in monitoring your project. When the exchange times are restricted and controlled for an agency, because having to manage a large number of clients simultaneously, the consultant can devote more time and more attention to his clients.

How to choose: agency or consultant?

The answer is relative to each customer. Depending on the budget you are willing to invest. If you are a large structure and your project is large, it would be better to contact an agency or a consultant with good support.

If you prefer a single interlocutor with whom you will establish a close and trusting relationship, the SEO consultant is the best option. Also remember to look at the past achievements of your future provider. This will give you an idea of ​​his experience and the quality of the service provided.

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