3 Things To Plan Before Creating a Website in 2020

3 Things To Plan Before Creating a Website in 2020

The best way to make the most of technological advances is to have a website for your activities. Real alternatives, websites keep you from creating a physical store. However, in order to have an audience dedicated to your business and a reliable site, you have to go through steps such as determining a domain name, hosting your site and choosing your CMS.

Choosing a domain name

The creation of the domain name is the first step in the process of creating a website. It is of paramount importance, because it allows your audience as well as potential customers to easily identify you in the panoply of existing sites. In other words, it represents your postal address on the internet. This implies that you must choose an effective domain name that reflects your image . Finding a domain name is far from easy. This is why Namecheap represents a renowned solution for you. With proven skills in the process of your web presence, you will benefit from their know-how. You can therefore buy your domain name directly or reserve a domain name with Namecheap.

In order to ensure originality in your domain name and its uniqueness, Namecheap provides you with hundreds of extensions that will undoubtedly distinguish you. You will benefit from fairly flexible secure solutions with several management tools for your website that will allow you to ensure fluidity in traffic on it. You will have the choice between generic, local or custom domain extensions. Generic extensions are the most popular (.com .org) and aim to give more confidence to your audience. Local ones are adapted to identify you geographically (.fr.be…).

Custom extensions are suitable to specify your area of ​​activity. For example if you are in the tech field your extension could be .tech.

What alternative for each type of user?

Having a domain name is not only the prerogative of professionals. For an individual, it is possible to have it even if you do not want to create a site. You will therefore have the possibility of having a domain name that will redirect your audience to a page of your choice or to a social network. In addition to that, you have the option of having an email address linked to your domain name.

Professionals have the choice between many extensions with a personalized e-mail address. The advantage here is that they can benefit from increased security and therefore advanced protection.

For resellers, they will be able to take advantage of tools designed to personalize their administrative spaces as well as their domain names and the possibility of easier load distribution of their site. They will be more productive by making use of the APIs offered by Namecheap.

Choosing a Hosting

Even if the hosting of a site does not have a direct impact on the natural referencing of the latter, it constitutes a major springboard. A site is better classified according to the keywords with which your extensions are associated: hence the need to choose extensions related to your field of activity. So, to be better referenced by search engines, your site needs to be accessible at all times: only web hosting allows your site to be full time without interruption.

The notoriety of a website necessarily depends on the fact that it is hosted. In fact, for your audience to have access to your site anytime and anywhere, it must be hosted on a server. You should therefore turn to a website host such as the Namecheap, Digital Ocean, A2Hosting etc. To host a website and keep it online without advertising, cloud hosting is considered a real solution. The structure therefore offers you accommodation options whose simplicity and performance make them offers better value for money.

Whether it is for the creation of a blog, a site for your brand or for the creation of an e-commerce site, you can take advantage of shared hosting. It should be remembered that the hosting offers at these providers depend on the storage capacity coupled with the number of visitors expected as well as the number of sites to be put into service. You will therefore be able to benefit from web hosting at a reduced cost, starting from 2.99 euros excluding tax.

What web hosting options?

For more convenient hosting of your website, you will need to opt for an offer that meets your needs. With Namecheap, you have the choice between individual hosting, business and a developer offer. Regarding individual hosting, you can take advantage of the Personal offer which allows you to have a free domain name for the first year. This option also allows you to benefit from unlimited traffic on your site, 100 GB of disk space and 10 e-mail addresses all for a monthly subscription of 3.59 euros including tax. The WordPress module is preinstalled on this offer.

As for the Pro business hosting offer, you will benefit from a free domain name for the first year, 250 GB of disk storage, 100 e-mail addresses with unlimited traffic for 7.19 euros including tax per month. The advantage of this offer is that it allows you to reserve your domain name with the possibility of creating e-mail accounts for your employees. WordPress and Joomla CMS are preinstalled.

For the performance offer, it should be remembered that it is subdivided into 4 different distinct offers . However, this offer allows you globally to have an unlimited number of e-mail addresses, domain name offered for the first year, whatever the chosen category, and a disk space of 500 GB. You will benefit from the CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop and Drupal.

Developers will be able to choose the web cloud offer subdivided into three other categories. It gives you the right to an unlimited number of sites and a free domain name for the first year. The advantage of this offer lies in the fact that you will benefit from a non-shared and therefore autonomous SSD drive which will allow you to load your pages faster. You can also develop your sites in the language that suits you PHP, Node.js and others.

The choice of your CMS

Choosing your Content Management System is practically the last step in building your website. When ordering hosting, Namecheap offers you to install a module of your choice between WordPress, PrestaShop, Drupal and Joomla. WordPress is a management system that offers you ease of management and great natural referencing (SEO) performance on search engines. It is suitable for your publications on your blogs. Each environment highlighting your content will therefore improve your positioning in search engines.

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