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10 Best Anatomy Books To Buy In 2020

Understanding human anatomy and how it works could become a complicated task. The human body is a complex structure of bones, muscles, cells, tissues, etc and it might not make any sense to you if someone explains to you thoroughly. But thanks to these creative anatomy books published by experienced authors that you can understand this concept without hitting your head hard on the wall. I’ve handpicked these books myself after checking the author, content, reviews, and popularity.


List of Best Anatomy Books


The Anatomy Coloring Book

The Anatomy Coloring Book

Pages 384
Language English
Rating 4.5/5 (2500+ Customer Rating)

This coloring book is the best-selling coloring book for human anatomy. It is ideal for all people who want to learn more about the anatomy of the human body, from students to those who want to gain a deeper understanding of how their own body works.

This book is organized based on each body system. This allows you to focus on one order at a time and master it before moving onto the next. The figures are hand-drawn and easy to color in. You can use the color-key system that is part of the book to learn the anatomical terminology easier. In addition to pictures you can color, there is also text in this book to describe the different structures. When you use coloring as a learning tool, you are making visual associations with important terminology. This also allows you to engage in kinesthetic learning while you assimilate the information.


Atlas of Human Anatomy

Atlas of Human Anatomy

Pages 640
Language English
Rating 4.8/5 (800+ Customer Rating)

This book provides a visual and detailed foundation for human anatomy. This book uses an organization technique that makes it easy to build upon the knowledge you gain from previous sections. The organization is by region, but then it is further broken down by the systems that are in each part of the body. This book was written from the perspective of a clinician. It provides the standard anatomy terminology, visual representations of the topics, and the details regarding how the organs, systems, and other structures function alone and together. Use the self-testing exercises to see which items you might need to brush upon.

In addition to the text, this book contains various other elements that help to reinforce what you are learning. This can be found on the website that is associated with this book. You will learn how to gain access to this supplemental information inside the book. The associated website includes 54 bonus plates, dissection videos, editor discussion, 150 label quizzes, 3D models, and other videos. You can use this information as you go through each section to test and strengthen your knowledge.


The Complete Human Body Best Anatomy Book

The Complete Human Body

Pages 528
Language English
Rating 4.7/5 (400+ Customer Rating)

This book is a type of illustrated guide that introduces many of the foundational elements of anatomy and physiology. What you will learn ranges from the development of the body, to how it functions, to how various health disorders develop and affect the body. This is the second version of this book. The author has made updates, so there is new information compared to what people learned in the first edition. This book is ideal for those taking college courses in anatomy and physiology. It delves beyond the most basic concepts to provide a deeper understanding of the body structures and how these structures function.

The artwork is computer-generated, ensuring an optimal level of quality and clarity. The images come from many sources, including microscopic and medical imaging. You get to see visual representations of what you are learning to reinforce the knowledge. The images show bodily processes and anatomical structures in great detail. As you read about these, you can refer to the photos to see exactly how they look and function in your body.


Human Anatomy & Physiology

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Pages 1137
Language English
Rating 4/5 (50+ Customer Rating)

This is a textbook that is commonly used for two-semester anatomy and physiology classes. However, due to its setup, you can use it when you want to do self-study into anatomy and physiology. Each chapter has a visual roadmap that helps students to guide themselves through the material in the section. It also shows concepts that are related to each other in other sections. The chapters all build upon each other. Each section provides the foundation necessary to learn the information in the following section. There are opportunities to test your knowledge in each section.

There are images and pictures throughout the chapters. These provide a visual representation of various organs and other parts of the body to make it easier to understand their purpose and function. This book has a related book called Mastering A & P. It is by the same authors. This supplemental book is sold separately. It works with the lessons in this textbook to help students to reinforce the information and test their overall comprehension of it.


Anatomy and Physiology For Dummies

Anatomy and Physiology for Dummies

Pages 384
Language English
Rating 4.5/5 (300+ Customer Rating)

This book simplifies anatomy and physiology so that the topics and concepts are easy to understand. It teaches you about anatomical function and terminology. This book focuses on the basics more than any advanced ideas. This makes it ideal for those who are just starting to learn about anatomy and physiology. You might consider reading this book before taking your class to develop foundational knowledge. It can also work as a supplement to your textbook. You might also find this book if you want to understand better your body and how it works.

Learn and understand the common terminology associated with anatomy and physiology and explore the different systems of the body and how they work together to keep you alive. Through this book, you can understand the anatomical compositions of the body from head to toe and get a deeper understanding of how the systems and structures of the body function when you are sick and healthy. Learn about how the body repairs itself after illness or injury and how diseases affect the body.


Human Body Anatomy Book

Human Body

Pages 448
Language English
Rating 4.5/5 (400+ Customer Rating)

It is an excellent anatomy book, which provides an overview of human anatomy and includes over 700 color photos and illustrations of every part of the body, from head to foot.

This colorful guide contains two parts. In the first part, the book explores topics about body systems. It begins with the regional atlas of the body, which illustrates significant areas of the entire body, and, following the atlas, each body system is examined individually. The second part of the book consists of descriptions of the most common body disorders so that the reader can learn a lot of new useful information about diseases. Moreover, there is also a glossary, which is included in the book to facilitate the understanding of medical terms. Also, all of the colorful images are accompanied by clear descriptions.

In case you are interested in human body structure, and you are looking for a good anatomy guide, this book is an excellent choice. This awesome anatomy book provides readers with the great opportunity to learn and understand a lot of essential and useful information about the human body, it’s various systems, and also helps to get knowledge about the most common body diseases.


Gray's Anatomy Human Anatomy Book

Gray’s Anatomy book

Pages 1562
Language English
Rating 4.7/5 (50+ Customer Rating)

Gray’s Anatomy is among the longest-published books, featuring 150 uninterrupted years. Its original creators were author Dr. Henry Gray and illustrator Dr. Henry Vandyke Carter. Their initial work took into account that their audience was mostly comprised of surgeons. Anatomy is a surprisingly dynamic science, and Gray’s Anatomyreflects a modern understanding from international experts. This comes complete with state-of-the-art radiographic, CT, ultrasonic, and MR images, many of which were unheard of when the book was first published.

Gray’s Anatomy includes an expert Consult eBook version with your purchase that you can download on any of your devices. The eBook provides further information beyond the book as well as a key to access content that is already included. A large inclusion of case studies in this book makes the anatomical information highly relatable. The book organizes material according to a location on the body making the information finding process easy. Electronic enhancements such as tables and videos help you stay up to date in the field of anatomy. Gray’s Anatomy has a detail-oriented premise and includes over 1,000 new photographs. The only con is that, it is geared more towards the practitioner than the student.


Clinically Oriented Anatomy Best Anatomy Book

Clinically Oriented Anatomy

Pages 560
Language English
Rating 4.4/5 (80+ Customer Rating)

Right from its start, you see evidence of the care this book takes to explain the importance of anatomy and to describe which approach the authors intend to use to present the material. The text and figures closely align with clinical applications. Clinically Oriented Anatomy, just as its title suggests, relates information so you can envision its use in dentistry, surgery, physical therapy, and general medicine. The sixth edition features new figures and enhancement of previous illustrations.

Blue Boxes make it easy to find clinical relevance as they point out situations calling for physical exams, medical procedures, or other diagnostic tools. Also, there are bottom-line summaries that make prioritizing study points much more comfortable. These have been refined in the sixth edition. The purchase includes access to a companion website where you will find animated videos and where you can interact via USMLE-style questions. This book is a regional approach to teaching and reviewing anatomy. Though, the text is dense in some areas, which makes the bottom-line summaries and Blue Boxes that much more useful.


Anatomy A Photographic Atlas Best Anatomy Book

Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas

Pages 1168
Language English
Rating 4.4/5 (100+ Customer Rating)

If you have ever been in the dissection lab and thought a textbook illustration looked nothing like the cadaver before your eyes, this is the book for you. Its defining feature is a full-color photograph of real tissue accompanies each anatomical structure. Moreover, schematics and traditional illustrations are included so you can cross-reference from schematic to photograph to live cadaver. As in the other books mentioned, Anatomy: A Photographic Atlas has a regional organization. There are over 1200 images for illustrative purposes and to emphasize clinical cases.

The photos of live cadavers make it easier to recognize spatial dimensions when performing surgery and even when in the dissection lab. There is a singular focus on functional connections between organs and between organs and tissues. This helps many people more easily visualize anatomical structures. Illustrations are layered so structures reveal themselves just as they do with each cut in dissections or surgical operations. Though this is an atlas comprised wholly of illustrations and labels. You must obtain any material content from another source.

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